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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Radio Debut - yikes!!

At this moment in time, I'm thinking - Why? You crazy woman, you!

I'm guesting on Edin Road Radio, reading an excerpt from my book Guardian of the Jewel, then chatting with the wonderful host, Jesse.

Should be fun right? Yep - but unfortunately, I'm blessed (being sarcastic here) with a high voice, and when I get nervous, it tends to get even higher! Oh well, who knows, someone at Disney may hear me and decide to offer me a job as Minnie Mouse in future movies! : )

I'm sure, come tomorrow 11.30am (American time Wednesday 5th, 6.30pm) I'll be on a high and thrilled about it all, but at the moment I'm feeling a little sick. If you do listen, I'd love to know what you thought. I think it's a great initiative for writers and Edin Road radio deserve all the support we can give them.


  1. Hey, LaVerne! Good luck on the show. I did this with Jesse, and was sooooo nervous. And I know it doesn't help (because I heard it from a lot of the gals) but you'll do fine. And Jesse is really super-great. She makes the interview fun. Just pretend it's only the two of you talking. That's what I did...but I was still nervous. Cheers, my friend!

  2. Congrats LaVerne! I know you'll do great. But I understand your nerves. When I get nervous, I talk too much, too fast, and usually say something stupid trying to get a laugh.

  3. I think I did all of the above Lilly! : ) But it was a great experience and Jesse (the host) is truly wonderful!

    Thank you so much AJ! I don't think I sounded as professional as you, but it was fun nevertheless : )