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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sara Douglass - Silence of the Dying

One of my favourite authors is terribly unwell with Cancer. I stumbled on this most beautiful and honest of posts from her when she was well enough to write how she was feeling. I was at once humbled, touched and ashamed. I recognised myself in the reactions of people around her when they were faced with someone they loved dying.

After reading her post, I vow to be a better friend, confidant and person when I'm needed. I will not let my loved ones down again.

Thank you Sara for opening my eyes to the awful silence. Your words will live with me forever.


  1. What a very moving post. Made me cry. Her pain is so acute. I just wanted to hug her. The thought that she may be dead by now breaks my heart. But I think she has a fantastic point. I think half the problem is nobody is taught how to approach death. We're all trying to do the best we can with it, but overwhelmed by the process. We don't know what TO do. But there we sit, watching someone we love beyond reason die and there's nothing we can do to stop it. I think maybe most people respond the way they do because it's all they know HOW to do. So I think her message is one more people need to hear. I think it will help more than just the dying, but those who have to watch their loved ones die.

    I personally do not fear death. Though I do fear pain. lol But I'd rather my life be celebrated than my death be mourned.

    Thanks for sharing that. <3

  2. Its an incredible post isn't it Joanne? Made me cry too.

    She has voiced what I'm sure so many others who've gone before her must have felt and feared. What a message to get across. Thanks for stopping by : )

  3. Sadly, Sara died in the early hours of September 27. She will be terribly missed, but we should be happy her pain is now over. RIP beautiful lady.