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Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's been a little while since my last post I know - BUT - there is a very good reason for that. And here it is:

Ouch! My poor hubby in hospital after the operation to fix his fractured orbital bone. He assures me it feels a lot worse than it looks.

He teaches Martial Arts and a student of his got a little too carried away during a wrestling drill. It was MEANT to be a non-striking exercise so he wasn't expecting the knee that collided with his face on his way down to collect his opponent's legs!

He's back home now and gradually making a swift recovery to the handsome man of old.
Anyway - onwards and upwards - but I have a sneaking suspicion this sort of injury might just make it into a future scene. :)

Hope you've all fared better than we have this week!


  1. Oh, LaVerne! Hugs to your hubby. Tell him he even looks sexy all battered and bruised!
    As the wife of an avid cylist (where you can't consider yourself initated until you've met the pavement and broken your collar bone) I can understand your concern. sigh

    Better to have them fit, though isn't it? :)

    more hugs.

    1. Thanks Lynne. I certainly will tell him that. He'll think you're the bee's knees! :)

      Oooo - pavement versus cyclist - there is only one winner every time there! Glad your hubby hasn't done himself any permanent damage either!

      Thanks for the hugs, I'll take them gladly, xo

  2. Poor handsome baby! I know you're giving him lots of tender loving care...and, of course, you know he is loving evey bit of it. The care, not the pain.

    My oldest son teaches tae-quan-do and is a 4th degree black belt. He reads all my fight scenes and tells me how to rewrte them. The youngest of my two sons is a high school wrestling coach and recently suffered a broken ankle when two heavy weights landed on it. Those freak accidents happen...and they DO hurt. Give hubster my best. Hugs to you both!!!

    1. Ouch Vonnie! A broken ankle makes everything so difficult. At least with Anthony's injury, he can still get around. Panadol is a wonderful, wonderful medicine :) I've just given him your hug. I think he's (secretly) enjoying all the attention.

  3. Ouch indeed. Sorry this comment is a day late.Lost some time somewhere yesterday. Both of my daughters did martial arts training (Soo Yan Do-non combat kind) when in their early twenties and got to black belt. Thankfully both were no longer living at home at the end or I'd have worried even more. I only saw some of their bruises. I cringed when at theri gradings in case they did get hurt. Commiserations to your hubby.

    1. Thanks Nancy. I know what you mean about cringing! My husband has been doing martial arts for almost thirty years now, and since I've known him for more than twenty of those, you would think I'd be used to it all and wouldn't bat an eye - but I hate seeing the bruises and scrapes. To him though - martial arts is his passion, much like mine is writing, so I'll just have to keep cringing! :)