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Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Wild Rose Reading List

Recently, I've been enjoying the fruits of my fellow The Wild Rose Press author's labour. I enjoy all genres and am willing to give anything new a try. There are so many wonderful reads out there that I thought I'd help you narrow down your TBR list (actually - ít'll probably only lengthen it!) with some of mine.

What I'm reading now:
Beyond a Highland Whisper by Maeve Grayson

What I've read and recommend:
French Kiss by Cherie Le Clare
Kiwi Kiss by Cherie Le Clare
Sweet Sacrifices by Gloria Marlowe
Out of the Darkness by Lilly Gayle
Together Again by Mimi Barbour
Wolf Island by Cher Gorman
Searching for Sophie by Rachel Brimble
Flawless by Jana Richards
The Silkie's Salvation by Laura Browning
Blood Diamond by Riley Quinn
Dazzled by Jennifer Schmidlin

On my TBR list:
Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye
Forever Freed by Laura Kaye
Jezebel's Wish by AJ Nuest
Yesterday's Dreams by Jean Adams

My Wishlist:
Keeps growing!
With all the wonderful authors published by The Wild Rose Press, and the fantastic reviews coming in for them all, my list shows no sign of being pruned. So bring them on I say!

What about you? What have you read by TWRP authors and what do you recommend I add next?


  1. What an awesome post! I do hope you enjoy Beyond a Highland Whisper. What TWRP books do I like...hmmm...that's a difficult one. I've read so very many and haven't found a single one I disliked! So many wonderful little time. ;-)

  2. Great post! And thanks so much for reading Out of the Darkness and for the awesome review on Good Reads! I've only recently begun reading TWRP authors. Here's what I've read so far:
    Rainbow's End- Joan Beth Erikson
    Jezabel's Wish- AJ Nuest
    Vampire Protector- Amy Corwin
    I Bid One American- Amy Corwin
    Bricklayer's Helper- Amy Corwin
    Infromally Yours-Beth Caudill
    Love, Vampire Style- Toni V. Sweeney
    Mirror Images- Liz Phelps

    And I'm currently reading The Vital Principal, an Indibook by Amy...I've read a lot of Amy's stuff both before and after publication because we're critique partners. I've read Vital Principal before, but I read the first draft. So, I should zip through it quickly enough since I kind of know what's going to happen, lol! And my next TBR book on my list is Autumn Jordon's Obsessed by Wildfire. I've heard so much about the Wayback series, I had to read at least one of the books. lol!
    And, yes, my TBR list is on my PC and it's constantly growing.

  3. I know the feeling Maeve! And I'm sure I've missed a few too. My list is all from memory of what I've read or am planning to. It's get longer weekly! I also read manuscripts for TWRP as a preliminary reader, so my reading time is limited if I want to write as well : ) Wouldn't give it up for a second though!

    Lilly - I adored your book and can't wait to get my hands on Slightly Tattered. Ooo - see - the list has grown already! And I've been attracted to Amy Corwin's writing too. You having read three of hers already is a ringing endorsement! Will have to check them out.

  4. You've listed a lot of great ones! I'd add:

    Transatlantic Loving by Rachel Brimble
    Embraceable You by Kat Henry Doran
    The List by Veronica Lynch
    Rafe's Redemption by Jennifer Jakes
    Forget-Me-Not by Linda Morris
    Twice Is Not Enough by Emma Lai

    Really Looking forward to the release of Brodie's Bride by Amie Louellen.

    I know I've missed quite a few. I may be biased, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of TWRP releases.

  5. Aww. Thanks LaVerne. And I agree with Sarah. Can't go wrong with TWRP!

  6. Arghh! How could I forget to list Sarah Grimm on my wishlist! Not Without Risk is one of my must-reads too : ) That is one fantastic looking list Sarah!

  7. It's a fantastic surprise to see Kiwi Kiss's cover here, LaVerne. Thank you!

    I'll add 'Guardian of the Jewel' by LaVerne Clark to that recommended read list:)