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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Meant to Be

Hello again blogging world!

I thought by now, the story I was writing would be completed, it would have been sent to my editor - and then with any luck, I'd be working hard on edits. Um...actually, it's so far from that - and I couldn't be happier. Let me tell you why.

This story called, "A Klaus to Kill" was originally started in response to a submission call from the Crimson/suspense line of The Wild Rose Press. It was to include someone at some point to dress up as a Christmas character. The tag line for the submission was; "someone's out to kill Christmas". What fun I thought, and started madly scribbling away with the idea that sprang to mind. This was back in late December.

Then I got sick; had a month off writing, and the deadline passed. I carried on regardless thinking I'd send it in anyway for a future Christmas campaign, but suddenly it seemed my words had no flavour, no bite. This marvellous story was disintegrating before my eyes and it didn't matter how hard I tried, it refused to change course from the pile of crap it was destined for. And then - I stumbled upon the reason why.

A new book was released by my publisher, with a terribly familiar plot-line, including the same nickname for the villain! Once I got over my shock at the similarities - I couldn't be happier. I feel relieved at abandoning it and so glad I can stop wading through the muck, or trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Now I know why things weren't going smoothly. I wasn't meant to write this book. In case you're wondering, the new release is called, "In the St. Nick of Time", and is written by a wonderful writer whose skill I admire tremendously - I can't wait to buy it. It'll be interesting to see how close our thoughts were in regards to the actual story and characters.

My current WIP is going full-steam ahead. I'm working towards another deadline of 1 September and can't believe how fast I'm writing it! Mind you - I'm having a ball with this one. Just goes to show - it pays to love what you do : )

Have you ever experienced this before? Did you push through it, or give up happily like me? I'd love to know.
Happy writing everyone!


  1. Thanks for sharing so openly. I totally agree with you that it never works to force a story. Go with your muse or your muse will desert you. I'm glad you realized all of this and are hard at work on a new story. Sail on!

  2. Hi Laverne,

    I have three stories I set aside. If a story is not flowing then it' ll never be the story of your heart. Set it aside. Maybe one day you'll get back to it and revise it, and maybe not. Meanwhile write what you like. Happy writing.

  3. Isn't it funny how "like-minded" we can be? I'm a firm believer in destiny and sounds to me like destiny was guiding you along your path. "Smart you are!" Sorry. My inner Yoda sometimes pops to the surface without warning.

  4. Ahh...great thoughts from three wise ladies - and all so very true. Thank you girls for your comments. It makes me feel better I'm not alone in giving up a project - and that I was even right to do it and not a failure.
    LOL Maeve - love your innter Yoda. Wish I had one of those!
    My current WIP is so much fun and flowing so well I'm wondering if it could truly be the story of my heart. A bit like finding the man of your dreams isn't it? Not always what we expected, but a perfect fit nontheless.

  5. This is really making me think. I'm in deep revisions on a book that I kinda got roped into writing. Not my subgenre at all and I worry that I'm just not 'getting it'. I was thinking about this story, not for the first or even the hundredth time, today. Is it meant to write? Will I ever get these revisions where the editor wants them? And what if I do? Is it in me to write another in the same subgenre when I'm struggling so much with this one? Do I even want to? I don't know. I love the story, adore the characters, but it doesn't flow for me. From day one this has been a pineapple ms from hell.
    I don't have the answers yet.

  6. A diamond only sparkles after going through a tough refining process - hidden in your struggle could be a gem of a story.
    All best, Calisa!

  7. Hi Calisa,

    Cherie's got a good point. Having it accepted means its good enough despite your misgivings. And having to work through those tough times whether you want to or not proves you're a strong writer! Huge kudos to you my friend!

    Just think how easy the next one will be when you're free to write something you love! Words will flow and this will be but a dim memory... : )

    Best of luck and I can't wait to read the results of your hard work.

  8. It's either that or scream/cry/rant : )
    Sometimes, you've just gotta know when to quit.
    Thanks for stopping by Clover!