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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Crush

Happy New Year everyone!!

Just had to get that off my chest and to make up for leaving my blog unattended for so long. But I'm back now, and its going to be a great year - don't you think? 
I have discovered a new crush. Its very sad of me, I know. I thought, by the age of 37 and with my own very sexy man at home, that I would be beyond getting any girly crushes, but then my husband made me watch a movie with him, and I was a goner.
Tom Hardy in Warrior

I mean - look at him! Isn't he all kinds of lovely? Those eyes, that body - and those LIPS!
Here he is again - just because :)
The more I gazed at this beautiful looking man, I started to realize why I found him so fascinating. He reminded me of someone. Dark hair, full lips, strong body - and that smouldering gaze enough to make you weak in the knees.
My husband, Anthony. Sigh...
Aha! Is it any wonder all my heroes tend to be tall, dark and muscular? I think I might have to get out with the camera more now its summer here, or just watch the boys do the gardening more. I think I might have another project for them at the ready... ;)
I'm suddenly feeling very inspired to write a scene with my latest hero.


  1. I don't get the Tom Hardy thing myself but I know so many other ladies who adore him! Nothing wrong with still had girl crushes at any age. Whatever inspires you to write those stories!

    1. I think it was the movie, Warrior that did it for me and cemented him into hunkdom forever. Although the story was about MMA fighters (mixed martial arts - and I only know that because my hubby teaches it) the twist was, there was a large purse up for grabs, and the final was between two estranged brothers. Ooo, yeah - and he spent most of the movie with his shirt off! What a perv! ;)

      Hey - how has your NaNoWriMo novel been going? Have you been working anymore on it?

    2. My husband watched MMA religiously! I'm actually using it as research for one of my books!!

      Am still slogging away at my NaNo novel. I've only managed to write 20,000 extra words but I'm allowing myself to be generous because of the Christmas period :)

  2. Someone's in a naughty mood, lol!

    Great inspiration for a steamy scene or two tho :D

    1. Ooo, yeah!! I've been flicking back and forth between my screen saver and my WIP! But there is a snag. My current hero is blonde!! HOW did that happen?? :)

  3. holy crap, Tom Hardy...sigh! And your hubby is ripped. My hubby is also tall dark and handsome...though not as ripped as he was the first couple of years after he got out of the Navy. And I'm not as toned...crap. ha! But my heroes usually start out tall dark and handsome, and then I realize I can't have them all resemble the same guy (my hubby) I switch it up and throw in some blonde or a different hair color for tall SOMETHING and handsome, ha!

    1. LOL - I'm not as toned either, Niecey! What happened?? Oh yes! Children! :)

      Hehehe - I'm with you with changing up the hair and eye colour - but I find myself reverting through a manuscript and have to go back and fix it!

      Love your comments about Tom Hardy - and my hubby. You are obviously a woman of impeccable taste! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!