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Monday, December 6, 2010

So I've started a what?

Ahem...Ok, I guess I introduce myself first : )

To those who don't know me, I'm a recently published author for The Wild Rose Press. They are the fantabulous company who affirmed I could write and made my manuscript Guardian of the Jewel the wonderful book that it is today.

It's been a fairytale start for me in this publishing world, and so who better to interview me than the review site, Once Upon A Romance, on the release of my debut novel? They also reviewed Guardian (a nail-biting experience!) and awarded it four stars. You can find the full interview here: http://http//

We own an ex-racing greyhound whom we adopted over a year and a half ago now. I've fallen deeply in love with her, and lay the blame squarely at her four paws of why I've become involved with the charity Greyhounds As Pets. I'm the area coordinator for our region of Godzone, and help to find new homes for Jazzy's kennel mates once they've finished racing. It's slow progress, but we are getting a presence out there now. Jazzy and I have featured in a couple of magazine articles and one newspaper article so far. Next on the agenda are school visits and Rotary club presentations, mixed in with a bit of sausage sizzle fundraisers. Here we are pictured in our local Santa Parade last weekend. Extremely hot weather - but it was a blast!

Just in case it's not obvious - our theme was Shrek - I'd just forgotten to paint myself green!

That's it from me, until next time, see you around!



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Great pics. Good on you for rescuing a greyhound and then going to support the cause. Awesome!

  2. Well done on taking the plunge!! Blogging is a really great way of staying in touch with readers and other writers. And yours is looking good so far! Small tip. Use the "compose/preview" buttons to get rid of the extra spaces between the words :) Off to follow you now :)

  3. Oh the joy of blogging! Good start. I'll follow you.

  4. Welcome to the garden and the blog world. I enjoyed reading this blog.

  5. Hi LaVerne - great to see another New Zealander in the Wild Rose garden. I'm in the North Island. Good luck with the blog! I'll be following along.

  6. Welcome to the world of bloggers. I am following you now.

  7. Well, that explains why you've been so quiet lately - now I know what you've been up to, pal!
    He, he. Good for you!

  8. Hi Roses!

    So excited to see you all : ) I think I'm also following all of you, if not, I'll add you.

    Thanks for being my first Riley!!

    Thanks for the tip Maya! I'll go and adjust now. Feel free to share anything else - anything to make the whole blogging thing easier, and easier on the eye : )

    Hi Cherie!
    I was playing around while recovering from the flu/sore throat, and suddenly I'd created a blog - at the touch of a button. Imagine that! So thought I'd may as well give it a go : )

  9. I, too, am a newbie--an old newbie, but we don't need to go there--at TWRP. Having a novel published is an overwheling experience, isn't it? One can't believe it's truly happening. Keep blogging. You'll find your way of doing it: personal mom and wife memoirs, exciting moments in your life as a writer, having guest bloggers. Do it your way and your blog will be SUPER.

  10. Thanks Lilly and Vonnie : )

    Vonnie - that is great advice - thank you!
    I have the glimmer of an idea for the next topic now : )

  11. Hi, LaVerne - I'm a fellow author with TWRP. Welcome! Wishing you much luck and success!


  12. Hi Leah - and thank you. I've seen your latest cover around and thought it was awesome! Wishing you mega sales too : )