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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Meant to Be

Hello again blogging world!

I thought by now, the story I was writing would be completed, it would have been sent to my editor - and then with any luck, I'd be working hard on edits. Um...actually, it's so far from that - and I couldn't be happier. Let me tell you why.

This story called, "A Klaus to Kill" was originally started in response to a submission call from the Crimson/suspense line of The Wild Rose Press. It was to include someone at some point to dress up as a Christmas character. The tag line for the submission was; "someone's out to kill Christmas". What fun I thought, and started madly scribbling away with the idea that sprang to mind. This was back in late December.

Then I got sick; had a month off writing, and the deadline passed. I carried on regardless thinking I'd send it in anyway for a future Christmas campaign, but suddenly it seemed my words had no flavour, no bite. This marvellous story was disintegrating before my eyes and it didn't matter how hard I tried, it refused to change course from the pile of crap it was destined for. And then - I stumbled upon the reason why.

A new book was released by my publisher, with a terribly familiar plot-line, including the same nickname for the villain! Once I got over my shock at the similarities - I couldn't be happier. I feel relieved at abandoning it and so glad I can stop wading through the muck, or trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Now I know why things weren't going smoothly. I wasn't meant to write this book. In case you're wondering, the new release is called, "In the St. Nick of Time", and is written by a wonderful writer whose skill I admire tremendously - I can't wait to buy it. It'll be interesting to see how close our thoughts were in regards to the actual story and characters.

My current WIP is going full-steam ahead. I'm working towards another deadline of 1 September and can't believe how fast I'm writing it! Mind you - I'm having a ball with this one. Just goes to show - it pays to love what you do : )

Have you ever experienced this before? Did you push through it, or give up happily like me? I'd love to know.
Happy writing everyone!