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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Guardian of the Jewel

If you haven't already - go check out Jerri's page. She's highlighting the week with suspense authors from The Wild Rose Press. They rock! (if I do say so myself)  ; )

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sara Douglass - Silence of the Dying

One of my favourite authors is terribly unwell with Cancer. I stumbled on this most beautiful and honest of posts from her when she was well enough to write how she was feeling. I was at once humbled, touched and ashamed. I recognised myself in the reactions of people around her when they were faced with someone they loved dying.

After reading her post, I vow to be a better friend, confidant and person when I'm needed. I will not let my loved ones down again.

Thank you Sara for opening my eyes to the awful silence. Your words will live with me forever.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle


Fresh from her visit to her first Grandchild in Seattle, Cherie Le Clare shares the beautiful Dean with us. He is one gorgeous little boy Cherie!

                Sleepless in Seattle

I’m shamelessly trading on the famous film title to drive all you internet grazers straight to Novel

Welcome! I live in New Zealand but both my sons live in Seattle, and I, along with my husband (to carry my bulging suitcase of knitted and crocheted baby gifts), recently flew over to the big USA to meet our very first grandchild. Only one week old, and as cute as a button, Dean captivated us from the very first moment. We all went out to brunch in a trendy cafe one morning and he slept right through all the noise, music and hustle and bustle. We took turns test-driving his stroller, and I got to bathe him one afternoon.

What can I tell you about Seattle? It’s a very attractive city, set on gentle hills on a beautiful harbour (harbor). The weather during our 12 day stay was fine and hot every day, bar one. The bus service in and out of the centre is regular and cheap as chips (make that fries) – we even had several rides for free one day when we kept getting onto the wrong buses – our fault for not asking the son we stayed with the name of the suburb he lived in. Every time we got off a bus, after realizing we’d caught the wrong one, the drivers would say, “Pay on the next bus.” We didn’t get around to that because in the end we gave up and called a taxi.

Another adventure was when we went to the famous Pike Street Market and asked where I could purchase some wool(or yarn as it’s called in America). “Yes,” a helpful lady said, “there’s a shop down the street and here’s a map to find it!” My surprise was soon replaced by gratitude when we realized just how well-hidden ‘So Much Yarn’ is. First task: Find the black wrought-iron gates. Second: Try to open them. Third: Press the intercom button and ask how to open them. Fourth: Climb the stairs to the second floor. Fifth: Walk along the outdoor terrace to the very end. Success!

      “You must have only very determined customers here,” I said to the ladies behind the counter, “because I doubt mere browsers would make the effort.”
They laughed and agreed with me.
      “Do you reward customers with coffee for making it to the door?” I asked – me being a cheeky Kiwi.
      “We don’t have coffee but we’ll be glad to make you a cup of tea.”

We accepted graciously, astonished at the outstanding service (the retail sector is exempt from a 15% tip - unlike restaurants and cafes where it is virtually compulsory). We reckoned those ladies deserved a tip though, especially as the tea was accompanied by gold-wrapped chocolate coins!

Fortified by tea and chocolate, we staggered away with my bulging bag of yarn to re-join the crowded market browsers.

Needless to say we both arrived home in New Zealand with lots of great memories, albeit exhausted from the long and tedious overnight flight. Now, if you will please excuse me, I’m off to write an adventure story called ‘Seniors in Seattle.’

      Ok, maybe not

   Cherie Le Clare

Author of historical novels French Kiss and Kiwi Kiss.