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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Writing Craft - Lurking is Good(reads)

Want to know my number one tip for learning more about the craft of writing? Here it is then....drum rollll....

Become a member of Goodreads
If you're not already - DO IT NOW!

Seriously, if there is one site you should belong to - it's this one. And here are some of the reasons I've found why:

When I was first published and busy one day googling my title (as you do - I was so proud, damnit!), I came across a link for a site called Goodreads which featured my book. It had popped up on the site after a reviewer had posted her review there. After clicking through - imagine my shock when it asked me if I was the author or knew the author. I wanted to cry. That was ME they were talking about! :)

Once the pathetic tears had dried up, I registered there and set up my page. Then, the world of Goodreads and the fabulous readers and authors that inhabit it, devoured me whole. I spent hours on there exploring all the different threads; adding books I'd read and adored over the years; made friends with people I knew already on there; and generally just had a wonderful bookish time! 

I need to stress that for those not familiar with it - Goodreads is a site for READERS FIRST AND FOREMOST. It is not a place to blatantly announce to all and sundry that you have a new book out and that everyone should go out and buy it immediately because it is the best thing since sliced bread. No way - uh, uh - no how. Don't do it. And I really mean that. Do. Not. Do. It. Ever. Unless, of course, there is a thread specifically calling for authors to promote themselves - that is the only time you could. But in all honesty, I don't think many readers actually can be bothered to wade through the hundreds of posts to find a new-to-them author anyway, making those threads pointless and probably a waste of time.

Instead - I've found myself drawn to a couple of groups and threads in particular. I comment and interact occasionally, but in the main, I lurk. The girls are hilarious, highly intelligent and incredibly insightful in their dissection and discussion on the romance books they've read. My favourite group is this one: and are aptly named - Romance Forum Refugees. One of the funniest threads there is called: Cover Art - the good, the bad and the Fabio. I recommend checking it out one day if you need a really good belly-laugh. In the group discussions, you can read about what are a romance reader's pet peeves, what they want to see more of and what they find annoying character traits, just to name a few. To a writer intent on learning more and getting better at what they do, this is invaluable insight and to be ignored at your peril. 

So, if you're not a member, or haven't explored the group side of things yet - what are you waiting for? You'll have a ball, and learn a few things along the way. Have fun - and happy reading :)  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love, Life and Hiroshima

I'm guest posting over at fellow Wild Rose Press author, Nancy Cohen's blog today. Find out more about why the terrible event at Hiroshima is such a pivotal part of the writing of Affinity.