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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Page 99 Test - Guardian of the Jewel

After reading a fellow author's page 99's - I decided to see how my own stood up.
What do you think? Does it make you want to know more?  

Getting gingerly to her feet, she directed her
light to the grunting mound of male fury, unable to
tear her eyes away from the deadly struggle. Snarls
punctuated the air. She winced at the sound of flesh
hit with great force. Neither gained the upper hand,
both men matched in strength. Amy held her breath
each time Gabe was underneath his opponent. But
within seconds, the position reversed.
   Beneath the loud curses and harsh breathing of
the fight, she detected a faint voice. Daniel! She
skirted the men and hurried to the rail, peering into
the darkness below.
   “I’m here, Daniel,” she called back.
   “What’s going on up there?” His voice trembled.
   “Gabe’s here.”
   “I told you he’d find us.”

   She couldn’t help but smile at the unwavering
belief in his hero. “Yes, you were right.”

   Amy spun around at the guttural yell and froze.
Her gaze zeroed in on the barrel of the gun. Aimed
squarely between her eyes. Everything happened in
slow motion, like a dream sequence, her vision
crystal clear.
   Gabe wrestled the blond man for the gun, his
brute strength and desperation turned death from
her face. The barrel came level with his chest, slick
with sweat and still bare from their earlier
encounter. A thick finger tightened on the trigger

   Someone grunted. The awful, muffled sound of
the bullet hitting human flesh reverberated through
the close confines of the mine. Amy stared, horrified
at the neat, black hole low on Gabriel’s right
shoulder. Although he’d recovered the weapon, it
was clear he couldn’t move the arm.